BAMBA News May 2012

BAMBA News May 2012



Anthill Film Strength in Numbers Premier

Come out and support BAMBA and the Eagle Bike Park at the premier of Anthill Films new movie Strength in Numbers. Tickets go on sale at 6:30 on Thursday May 10th at The Northgate Reel Theatre. Movie and raffle from 7:00 – 9:00pm. Big thanks to Eric Denning and the Reel Theatre for donating their theater again. Show some love and buy some popcorn.

Trail Work this Weekend

BAMBA is asking for volunteers to help with trail work this weekend on the Shake n’ Bake downhill trail. The trail coordinators for the city (Ian Fitzpatrick and Patrick Harper) will be leading volunteers both Saturday and Sunday May 5th and 6th.
Please email to volunteer and they will schedule you and your friends. The work will focus on building some new rock gardens. Thanks in advance for helping to build the trails you ride.


The Lease is Complete!

The BAMBA board has been working diligently with the city and county over the last two years to create an environment where the Eagle Bike Park can be properly maintained and cared for. One piece of this puzzle was for the county to expand the lease of the City of Eagle so that the city can manage the entire park. The new lease was signed this week which is a huge step forward in the proper management of the park. Thanks to everyone at the City of Eagle and Ada County who made this happen.

Renew your BAMBA/IMBA Membership!

Now that the city has taken over management of the bike park they are working closely with the Boise Area Mountain Bike Association to help provide direction from IMBA and trained volunteers.
Your involvement in this process is critical. If you enjoy the trails at the park then it is important that you support the association by maintaining your membership and participating in one or more volunteer work sessions for the year.
The city has hired trail coordinators to oversee the work being done at the park but we need involvement from those who ride the trails. Please participate and encourage your friends to do the same.
Visit to either renew your membership or to join as a new member. The trail Gods thank you.

While you’re renewing your membership, get a BAMBA bumper sticker for your other ride. Get one for your significant other too! They’ll love you for it! Help promote BAMBA by rock’n your hot off the press BABMA sticker. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s BAMBA!

Recent BAMBA Accomplishments

  • Worked with the City of Eagle and Ada county to extend the city lease.
  • Worked with Eagle City Council to secure funding for trails this year at the bike park.
  • Assisted the city in hiring trail coordinators to help ensure that IMBA guidelines are followed at the park.
  • Worked with the city to get the grass berm by the pump track added to the Summer Lawns contract for proper maintenance.
  • Planned and executed several volunteer work sessions with hundreds of volunteer hours so far this spring.

BAMBA Projects and Goals

  • Working with the city and the YMCA to develop a YMCA facility and triathlon training center for the park
  • Build two new rock gardens on Shake n’ Bake downhill trail.
  • Build and install a steel trail crossing for DH trail over Junkyard trail.
  • Complete further erosion control work on Stormin Mormon Freeride trail with concrete blocks.
  • Fill in many of the centers of jumps on Stormin Mormon Freeride trail to prevent ride arounds and increase accessibility.
  • Erosion control and water bar construction on XC trails.
  • Work with city on the design and production of maps for kiosks and signs for trails.
  • Rebuild the 4X trail.
  • Help coordinate volunteer groups with city for weed control on trails.

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