BAMBA News Jan 2012

BAMBA News Jan 2012



Happy New Year! 

It’s been a while since the last newsletter, but we’re here to fill you in!  


Sean Pinder Eagle Project:

Sean’s project involved fixing a trail, which suffered heavy erosion caused by rain. They had lots of tools and machinery that helped them fix the trail and reshape it to protect from further erosion. Over the course of 6 hours, Sean and his volunteers were able to make the trail much safer for all trail users.

Sean Pinder showing trail damage

Sean Pinder showing off post trail work

BAMBA coordinated with Ridges to Rivers to have one of their equipment operators complete the excavation work so the scouts could rake, shape, and pack the new water bars and repaired trail surface.

Braden Evans Scout Project:

Braden Evans is a Life Scout in Troop 317 in Eagle. Braden’s project consisted of 3 things:

1) Placing cinder blocks on the landing of the top drop (jump) on the Storm’n Mormon trail. This included digging out the dirt to bury the blocks, then backfilling the blocks with dirt to stabilize the ground. This will keep the landing from eroding in the future.

2) Installing fencing near the pump track that is eroding and creating a safety hazard. By installing fencing it forces riders to follow a designated return path from the expert jump line back up to the pump track. It also makes it so that riders can’t collide with one another.

3) Braden also installed two short stretches of fencing on the third drop of the Storm’n Mormon trail and rerouted the optional side trail around this drop for those that don’t want to take it. This reroute was requested by an environmentalist group.

Braden Evans

Austen Nelson Scout Project:

Austen Nelson also worked with BAMBA to complete some erosion control work on a freeride trail for his Eagle Scout project. A large section of eroding trail was stabilized using cinder blocks including the landing for a drop and a steep eroding section of trail leading into a jump. The scouts who volunteered logged over 300 hours of service to complete the project which included hauling blocks across the hillside and installing them into the trail.


Good job guys! Thanks for making this happen…


New Eagle City Council members ready to help bike park….

As a new Eagle City Councilwoman, I was very excited to make one of my very first motions that we add an Eagle CC liaison position to BAMBA. After meeting with several board members and supporters in December I felt it was imperative that City of Eagle embrace and support the many volunteers that have worked tirelessly on the Eagle Bike Park. I am thrilled to be the liaison and look forward to working with this fine group towards an even better park with the cooperation of the City of Eagle. I encourage all of you to participate in the budget process to make sure that the City Council hears about the needs of this jewel of Eagle. Mary Defayette  

Mary’s PIC sourced from City of Eagle ( )


A local Rider’s Shameful Secret:

This story was submitted by a local rider… Click photo for a good read. Do you know that bike?








Friendly reminder to share the trail and be respectful to other trail users when you’re out there… Our reputation depends on you!

Here’s a link to IMBA’s Rules of the Trail


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