Supporting Eagle Bike Park

Some of the accomplishments of BAMBA this year:

The formation of a chapter of IMBA – the International Mountain Bicycling Association
Over 1200 volunteer hours for the year bringing the total over 11,000 in 4 years. Volunteer work consisted of repair, improvement, erosion control, and week control on multi-use and downhill bike trails at the park.
2 fundraisers and a membership drive raising over $6000 for the bike park
Worked with eagle scouts to complete several important erosion control projects including:

  • Installing cinder blocks for erosion control purposes on several areas of the new freeride trail. (Austen Nelson and Bradon Evans)
  • Installing sections of fence to protect a sensitive slick spot location. (Bradon Evans)
  • Installing fence and reseeding the eroding hillside below the pump track. (Bradon Evans)
  • Rebuilding and installing water bars on the return trail for freeride lines next to the pump track. (Sean Pinder working with Ridge to Rivers and BAMBA)
  • Donation from Lowes and installation of tool storage shed. (Levi Smith)

BAMBA also worked with city managers and received the following commitments from the city:

  • Complete a lease with the county that extends the city’s lease to include all trails at the park.
  • Complete a land use agreement with BAMBA to allow the organization to assist the city in maintenance of trails.
  • Pay a landscaping company to spray herbicide in select areas to help control weeds on trails.
  • Pay a landscaping company to assist with weed control on trails.

Despite the commitments from the city, none of the above four items were completed by the city. The city, however, did find $1300 within their budget to have goats eat weeds in a small section of the southwest corner of the park. The city also helped pay for fencing materials for one of the Eagle Scout projects.

In September of this year BAMBA created the following presentation and met before the city council:

Eagle City Pre-Council Meeting presentation

While the meeting with the mayor and city council was not scheduled until after 2012 budget negotiations had already been completed, BAMBA did have a chance to present the following ideas to them. While not enough to cover all the needs of the park, the city did say they would try to spend 1-2K for maintenance in 2012, which is a start. It would be great if the city approached the county to ask them to help provide funding for trails as well. As a comparison point, the trails in the Ridge to Rivers system are funded at ~$2200 per mile which is consistent with funding recommendations from the International Mountain Bicycling Association. At $1-2K for 2012, the Eagle Bike Park trails maintenance budget is $80-$160 per mile.

Elections for Mayor and City Council are being held November 8th, 2011. BAMBA has created a questionnaire for candidates of this election to determine their position on funding and support for the bike park. Following are the responses that have been obtained so far. BAMBA encourages members of the community to get out and vote for candidates who are willing to support the continued success of, and proper funding for the Eagle Bike Park.

Mark Butler can be contacted via email at: or by phone: 208-939-7444

Gary Tanner can be contacted via email at: or by phone: 208-384-1800

Norm Semanko can be contacted via email at: or by phone: 208-863-7921

Mary Defayette can be contacted via email at: or by phone: 208-440-1252

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